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Downside Up exists for 21 years

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The anniversary year has passed almost unnoticed. Downside Up became a year older, more experienced, more professional. The Foundation is growing and developing, which is perhaps the most important thing for any organization. The Director of Downside Up, Anna Portugalova declared the results and congratulated everyone with the anniversary.

Downside Up is celebrating its 21 year of existing. This is a wonderful age! We are full of ideas, plans, hopes and strength for the implementation of our aspirations! This year we paid great attention to the development of a system of continuous support for people with down syndrome from birth to 18 years and older. We interviewed families, experts and made changes to the programs so that at every stage of life the family could get the support that it needs. Also, together with our partners, we have made a lot of efforts to promote the idea of creating a system at the state level for long-term family support in raising a child with down syndrome. We are very pleased that we have more and more partners in different regions, both in NGO’s and government agencies.

We still have a lot of work ahead, and I believe we can do it. Of course, not alone, but together with you, our friends. Because only together we will be able to help families with children with special needs, to quickly find support, in every corner of our country. I want to say a big thank you to our entire team, all the people and organizations that help us and have become part of our great team of like-minded people! Many thanks to all the guys with down syndrome and their loved ones, without which there would be no positive changes!