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In one the largest regions of Russia no babies born with Down sindrome were abandonned by their psrents

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All of 36 babies with Down Syndrome born in Sverdlovsk Region this year stayed in their families. Press conference in TASS Inform Agency dedicated to the World Down Syndrome Day highlighted this amazing fact and also the problem of communication among doctors, psychologists and parent of children with Down Syndrome.

Telling parents about a possibility that their newborn baby has Down Syndrome is psychologically difficult not only for parents, but also for doctors. That is why experts of the Charitable Fund “Downside Up” together with their colleagues from Sverdlovsk Regional Non-Governmental Organization “Sunny children” and specialists of Clinical and diagnostic center "Protection of mother and child health" of Ekaterinburg have elaborated Protocol of regardful disclosing of possible condition of a newborn. It is aimed at doctors of maternity clinics and depicts a right way to communicate with a mother of a special needs baby right after his birth and during her stay at the clinics. The Protocol was implemented by the Order of Healthcare Ministry of Sverdlovsk Region in October 2016. Two years later the first results of its implementation were registered.

Alexander Borovykh, Head of Strategies Department of the Charity Fund “Downside Up”, underlined that half of the parents who abandoned their babies at the hospital made this decision due to tactless and unethical primary communication about possible diagnosis from the doctors. However, upon the results of the previous year, all 36 babies born with Down Syndrome in Sverdlovsk Region stayed in their families. Not a signal case of baby abandonment due to this diagnosis is recorded. Authors of the Protocol hope that it will be implemented in other regions of Russia. “At the beginning of this week we sent official letter with all supporting documents enclosed to the Moscow Department of Healthcare” – told Alexander Borovykh.
Tatyana Nechaeva, Head of Family Support Center of the Charitable Fund “Downside Up”, assistant professor of neonatology department of Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, pediatrician of Philatov Children City Clinics №13 Galina Asmolova, academic director of Research Centre for Medical Genetics of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, academician of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, professor, member of Board of Trustees of “Downside Up” Evgeny Ginter, psychologist Annetta Orlova and mother of a girl with Down Syndrome Irina Gromova took part in the press conference in TASS on the 21st of March, 2019.