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IT Management Forum is taking place in Moscow for fifteen years and gathers leading professionals in IT management. This year for the first time the program of the forum includes a social project. Downside Up presented the spectrum of digital services aimed at people with Down Syndrome and available for families and for professionals.

Olga Pavlenko, counselor on development of digital services of DSU, spoke on ITMF 2019 on developing and implementing the digital strategy of DSU.

The fund DSU has been supporting supporting people with Down Syndrome for more than twenty years. DSU not only provides pedagogic and psychological support for the families, but also educates professionals, elaborates individual teaching technics for special needs kids development. More of twenty years of experience permitted to create serious methodologic base. Professionals of unique experience work at DSU helping children with Down Syndrome achieve progress and socialize. In order to reach families who cannot come to Moscow, the fund is developing its digital services. Moreover, DSU is going to reach beneficiaries in other Russian-speaking countries.

- We have a very good understanding of who our beneficiaries are and how we can help them, - Olga Pavlenko tells. – We have been able to create services in accordance with their requests. We’ve created a catalogue which includes 26 services (and we hope that it will become bigger). Some people need educative online videos, others need mobile apps, interactive maps that allow to locate other similar families or professionals. We create simple services but we are making them easy to use. For online education one just has to create an account with a list of open services, including online subscription to classes and automatic reminders.
Olga Pavlenko’s speech was appreciated by colleagues and other members of the forum.

- I am very glad that we started to communicate and that we spoke about such important topic on the forum where people usually talk a lot about business and technologies, and much less about people and community. – shared her impression Natalya Dubova, programming director of IT Management Forum.