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The running number of the Downside Up’s bulletin – “Make a step!” magazine – was published. This number contains several articles on parental experience in which mothers of kids with Down syndrome share their emotions about birth of a special needs baby, their thoughts about difficulties of caring about such babies, their breeding and education and also their successful ideas about this. What can help to make early intervention studies in kindergarten more effective? What can parents do? What is the best way to prepare a kid for school and what is the best way to choose a school? Recommendations and advice from parents and authors of the magazine based on their personal experience can be successfully implemented by other families in similar situations.
In the columns “Psychologist’s point of view” and “Psychologist about kids and parents” there are articles from highly-appraised and well-known specialists from Downside Up Polina Zhiyanova and Vera Stepanova. Also the topic about yoga therapy for special needs kids was for the first time presented in the magazine.
The regular column “Doctor’s advice” contains interview with a dentist from Rostov-on-Don Inna Pestryakova who possesses a unique experience of treatment and preventive care of dental disorders of children with Down syndrome – she has treated about 60 kids with Down syndrome.
Articles of the column “Special Arts” are dedicated to two important questions: in what way art may influence public opinion about people with Down syndrome and in what way we may help kids with Down syndrome to unlock their artistic potential.
The number also contains an interview dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Consulting Forum of Downside Up, an article about participation of teenagers with Down syndrome in FIFA football festival, a story about a tour of inclusive performance group “Dancing House” in Bulgaria and an overview of new books.