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Downside Up Fund trainers hold an Interactive seminar for specialists in working with “the Numikon” methodology

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On January 23, the Educational Center of Downside Up held a seminar "Multisensory approach to teaching mathematics. Using the Numicon material and methodology in the process of forming mathematical representations in children “. The seminar was attended by more than two dozen experts from different regions of Russia: Moscow, Cherepovets, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod Region, Vologda, Yekaterinburg, Bryansk.
Teachers working with children who have difficulty learning mathematics learned how to use the Numikon manual to form and develop primary mathematical representations and concepts in children, namely: how to build number series, look for “neighbors” of numbers, compare numbers, distinguish even numbers from odd ones, study the composition of numbers, add and subtract numbers with a transition through a dozen within 100, perform multiplication and division.
The seminar was held in an interactive form. Under the guidance of trainers from Downside Up Charitable Fund who underwent special training in working with the Numikon manual at Oxford University Press, the students practiced the knowledge gained during the seminar. At the end of the seminar, each student received a certificate of participation. On January 30, a seminar will be held for specialists “Using the methodology “We Start Talking”.