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Three dozen specialists finished courses of advanced studies "Development of speech and thinking in children with Down syndrome"

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Downside Up Fund gave a course of advanced studies. Thirty speech therapists, speech pathologists, educators, teachers and other specialists working with children with Down syndrome and other mental disorders, discussed the developmental features of a child with Down syndrome, learned to draw up a comprehensive development program using the "Child Development Diary", and received answers to questions regarding "Competency-based approach."
Also during this course specialists learned what games and toys can become assistants in development, how to form and develop primary mathematical representations and concepts in children with the help of the manual "Numicon "and got acquainted with the kinesiological technique “brain Gymnastics". This part of the course was held in an interactive format - students themselves tried to complete tasks and exercises that their students encountered in the classroom.
Thirty specialists, both beginners and those who already work with children with Down syndrome, attended the course in person. Some of them are representatives of the professional community from the regions: Smolensk, Elista, Obninsk, Moscow and Moscow Oblast. All of them received training certificates.
Three hundred thirty-two people registered at the Downside Up webinar to listen to seminars remotely. Online broadcasts were conducted from each lesson. We recall that you can get acquainted with all the topics of the continuing education course online. To do this, you need to register for the webinar you are interested in on the calendar.