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“The Golden Standard of the Annual Report”. Downside Up Fund received an award in the competition of annual public reports of the NPO “Point of Reference”

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The starting point is the All-Russian competition of public annual reports of socially oriented non-profit organizations, which the Donors Forum holds in partnership with the Social Information Agency and “Blagosphere” Center and with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the Presidential Grants Fund.
E.A. Topoleva-Soldunova - Director of ASI, A. E. Borovykh - Head of Strategies Department, Downside Up, A.B. Boldyreva - Executive Director of the Forum of Donors
343 organizations from all over Russia have applied for participation this year. The Downside Up Fund's annual report received the highest rating from an expert jury. “The Gold Standard” is awarded to the annual reports of NPO, which provide unambiguous, understandable, and complete information about the organization’s activities.
Downside Up Fund Annual Report is an open document that can be read by any interested person
The Downside Up Fund's annual public report includes information on what the organization’s work is all about, key events held during the year and their results, success stories, as well as important news and changes in working with people with the syndrome Down, occurred over the year. All information on the activities of the fund over the past year in the report is conveniently structured and contains statistics, numbers, infographics and much more, which gives the most complete and understandable idea for the external observer about the organization’s work.