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Internship at Downside Up

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Speech therapists of the Sverdlovsk regional public organization "Sunny Children" were trained at the Downside Up Fund. SRPO “Sunny children” helps people with mental disabilities from birth to adulthood to live full social life. Specialists from Yekaterinburg learned how classes and counseling were organized for children of different ages and discussed a number of organizational issues regarding the work of the Family Support Center.
During the internship, they took part in group classes for kids of social adaptation groups, got acquainted with the way consultations were held for children aged 0 to 3 years and attended classes of supportive learning groups and daytime employment groups. Specialists got an idea of how individual lessons on game interaction and consultations of a speech therapist and speech pathologist of the Downside Up Fund were held.
Irina Kushkova, speech therapist SRPO "Sunny children":
“We are very pleased with the results of the internship. We managed to observe the work of the fund’s professionals working with children of all age groups: from infants to adults.
Since 2010, an early-warning service has been working in our public organization, and in 2011 our specialists came for an internship in Downside Up. Even then, we got an idea of how properly build interactions with parents, and what approach the Downside Up Fund professionals use in their work. Today, more than 300 families receive our help. ”
Anastasia Kaygorodova, speech therapist SRPO "Sunny children":
“The public organization “Sunny Children” is developing, new specialists come to us and they want to work using correct and up-to-date methods, based on many years of experience and working methods of Downside Up specialists. The main goal of this internship was to learn about best practices. After the internship, we will make changes to individual, group classes of children with speech therapists. We will play more using everyday situations. We draw parents' particular attention to the importance of completing homework on topics covered in real, everyday life.
For many years, the Downside Up Fund has been helping our organization in resolving not only pedagogical issues, but also in raising funds for the organization and implementation of various projects.
Our organization strives to ensure that people with mental disabilities have the opportunity to receive services for their development freely in any city or village in the Sverdlovsk Region, can develop unhindered, to interact equally with all people and benefit society.”
Pole Elena, director of the educational center Downside Up:
“Periodically the Downside Up Fund provides internships for specialists from various organizations who work with families with children with Down syndrome. Despite the fact that these internships are, as a rule, short-term and allow us to cover only part of our practical activities, after such meetings we remain in touch and are ready to continue methodological interaction with colleagues. To do this, we use distance forms: we include colleagues in our database of specialists, send them newsletters, be sure to invite them to participate in our webinars, join broadcasts of lecture and seminars, and take advantage of the opportunities of an advisory forum.
And, of course, Downside Up passes to our guests sets of methodological publications for specialists and parents, which colleagues can use in their workplace.”
The development and dissemination of best practices is one of the main strategic directions of Downside Up. In 2015, the fund received a license from the Ministry of Education for educational activities.
Get information about the possibilities and conditions of the internship at the Downside Up Education Center you can here.