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Downside Up Media Lab film “Jokers and Jokes. Ku-ku, my boy ”- recognized as one of the best comedy films at the International Film Festival in St. Petersburg

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Short film “Jokers and Jokes. Ku-ku, my boy ”, created by the participants of the Downside Up media laboratory, received the 3rd degree Laureate Diploma in the nomination “Best Comedy Movie”at the III International Cinema Kids Film Festival.
The festival's motto is "Children make movies for children!” - it involves films that children and teenagers create for their peers, trying themselves as screenwriters, actors, directors. This year, the festival jury evaluated about 450 children's works created in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Yoshkar-Ola, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Estonia and the United States.
The Downside Up media laboratory film is the second part of the “Jokers and Jokes” movie project. “Jokers and jokes. Ku-ku, my boy” is a humorous sketch in the silent movie genre about how schoolchildren can help each other out of a difficult situation with humor. Students of the media laboratory themselves invented and developed a script. The team of the media laboratory led by its presenters - Anastasia Kaleusheva and Nina Ivanova - helped them realize their plan and remove the plot invented by the guys with the authors of the script in the title role.
Anastasia Kaleusheva, leading Downside Up media Lab:
“I would like to note that the festival had a very competitive environment. This is not an inclusive festival, which is also important, the cinema made by our laboratory assistants competed with the very strong works of children and teen-agers from all over Russia and the world. And for us, teachers of the media laboratory, and for our children, such an assessment of activity - outside the framework - is doubly valuable and important. This diploma can only be obtained for a professional approach to working on a film, without any discounts. ”
The media laboratory team continues to work on the film project "Jokers and Jokes." In the nearest future a new short film "Jokers and jokes. Circus” is preparing to be released.