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New Year 2020 in Downside Up

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Bright Christmas costumes, a tree that was magically lit every day of the festive week, fairy performances, New Year's tea parties, round dances, gifts presented by Ded Moroz and Snegurochka. New Year's holidays at Downside Up Fund are for all participants of the fund's programs: from toddlers attending adaptation groups, older children from supportive education and school preparation groups, and children who come to us for occupational classes passed all week.
New Year is a family holiday, so mothers, fathers, grandparents, brothers and sisters also took an active part in all the activities of the fund: together with their children they worried about the characters in the performances, helped to go round dances, called Ded Moroz, New Year's costumes deserve special attention, which they prepared for the holiday.
Artists of the theater "Miracles under the umbrella" presented to young spectators the first tale. Their puppet show about a trip to the North Pole with a bear cub Umka and his friends is an interactive story, in which children became full participants. During the performance they were covered by a snowstorm, they saved a frozen bird, warming it with their breath, and together with puppet friends they decorated the Christmas tree.
Vladimir Fateev, actor of the “Miracles under the Umbrella” theater: - This is not the first year that we have been visiting Downside Up with our performances, because this is the most grateful audience, the kindest, and most wonderful. The guys, of course, are great fellows, they amazingly joined the play, it is simply amazing how sincerely they perceive everything that happens on the stage: they respond to our heroes, talk to them, rejoice at their successes, or are upset when they have trouble.
Lyubov Rumyantseva, actor of the “Miracles under an umbrella” theater: - The most favorite moment in the performance for us is the gratitude of the audience when they thank and hug not us, but our puppet heroes - it's great. So, we were able to help them believe in a miracle, the main artists for them are our puppet characters.
The real winter detective story was prepared for children by Downside Up teachers. Teachers are the most sensitive actors, they tried to arrange a bright and emotional show for their viewers. They helped the children look for the nose lost by the snowman in the forest. The search was accompanied by hide and seek under a multi-colored tent, a game of soft snowballs, dancing, spell “The Christmas Tree Burn!” and meeting with Ded Moroz. The New Year story for the children who will go to school next year was no less exciting.
One of the favorite components of all the matinees of the fund is a photo session with the main magician of the holiday. Understanding what children like best: talking with Ded Moroz, hugging him or receiving a gift from his hands is not easy.
For the first time this year, young members of the theater workshop of the fund, employees of the two Funds “Love Syndrome” and Downside Up and their friends performed on the same stage. New Year's skit was more like a big gala concert. The musical group “Russian Souvenir” from boarding school No. 31 opened it. Musical numbers prepared by the participants of the theater studio were replaced by poetic, dance and stage. A separate place in the concert was taken by a joint theatrical performance. The performance, based on the fairy tale “The Snow Queen”, in which the main roles were played by teenagers-studio theater workers and fund employees, was accompanied by ovation and was really liked by all the guests of the holiday. Rehearsals lasted a month, costumes, decorations - the work of a large and friendly team.
This year's New Year's theatrical skit took place on the stage of the Russian State Social University (RSSU). University staff are good friends, partners and colleagues of Downside Up and fund “Love Syndrome ”, helping to make the lives of people with Down syndrome better.
Anna Portugalova, director of the Downside Up Fund: - I want to say a big thank you to the Russian State Social University. We are doing so much good and wonderful together with the Russian State Social University. In particular, this year, colleagues made a huge contribution to the first large-scale football competitions for teams with people with Down syndrome. Now the RSSU has a training program for trainers and we wrote a book together. The university helps us all the time, we are very glad for such a fruitful cooperation.
Oksana Savkina, Deputy Head of the Organization and Admission Office of the Russian State Social University: - I watched your holiday. It is very cool, you are so happy and very talented. I would like to wish you a Happy New Year and wish you new success! We are always glad to see you.
Also, Oksana Savkina presented a kind of New Year's gift to the audience and participants - she invited the children and their parents to meet with the dean of the university, where they will talk in detail about the professions that can be obtained at the university, as well as get to know potential employers.
At the end of the holiday week, a New Year's party was held for teenagers attending daytime groups, during which the guys not only received gifts, but also created their own, played New Year's games and danced to the disco from the heart.
A busy holiday week charged everyone with a good mood and faith in miracles for the next year.
The Charitable Fund Downside Up and “Love Syndrome” Fund express special gratitude for the gifts given to the companies: Amway, Mattel, Talos Construction LLC, “Iceberry TD” company for a sweet treat to all participants of the New Year trees, Qiwi Company for a perfectly organized holiday for children and their parents and Orica CIS for creating a New Year’s atmosphere in the fund.