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“”, Downside Up and Love Syndrome launched an Educational Project about people with Down syndrome

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An Educational Project about Down syndrome has been launched on “the Odnoklassniki” social network. The project is organized jointly with Downside Up and Love Syndrome charitable foundations. The goal of the project is to dispel myths about Down syndrome. In the group "Odnoklassniki everything is OK!" 10 cards will be posted to debunk the myths about this syndrome. For example, these are myths that Down syndrome is a disease, people with this syndrome cannot participate in the life of society and remain children all their lives, and it can be dangerous to be around them.

Первая карточка уже была опубликована в сети 8 июля со следующим текстом: "Миф №1. Синдром Дауна – это болезнь. Люди с синдромом Дауна — не больные. Они не «страдают», не «поражены» этим синдромом и не являются его «жертвами». Пожалуйста, забудьте про слово «даун». Лучший вариант — «ребенок с синдромом Дауна», «человек с синдромом Дауна». Это описательный термин, указывающий на то, что у человека есть особенность и она связана с генетикой. Ведь главное — он человек."
The first card was already published online on July 8 with the following text: "Myth №1. Down syndrome is a disease. People with down syndrome are not sick. They do not" suffer", are not "affected "by this syndrome and are not its "victims". Please forget the word "down". The best option is "a child with down syndrome", "a person with down syndrome". This is a descriptive term that indicates that a person has a feature and it is related to genetics. After all, the main thing is that he is a person."