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Employees of the Downside Up Foundation met with volunteers and employees of the children's hospice "House with a Lighthouse»

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Volunteers and employees of the hospice "House with a lighthouse" wanted to find out what people with down syndrome really are, after watching the movie "Peanut Falcon". They invited Tatiana Nechaeva, Director of the Downside UP Family Support Center, and Yulia Lentyeva, Head of the Downside UP School and Young People Support Department, to the meeting in order to get answers to their questions.
"At one of our last meetings [Of “ the House with a lighthouse” film club], we discussed the movie "Peanut Falcon" and, for all the assessments of the artistic merits of the film and the actors performance, we realized that we know nothing, well, absolutely nothing, about people with down syndrome. We wanted to know. And more than knowing, we wanted to understand and accept.So the idea to hold a meeting was born, " writes Olga Goffe, a volunteer of the children's hospice "House with a Lighthouse", one of the organizers of the film Club.
The meeting was held in an online format and lasted two hours. The participants of the meeting were interested in: what features people with down syndrome have, where and by whom people with diabetes can work, whether there can be relationships between people with down syndrome, whether they can have children, and much more.
During the conversation, the Foundation's employees told about teenagers and adults with down syndrome who attend the day employment group: about their characteristics, what they do, what success they achieve, and about their families. We shared the latest data on the employment of people with down syndrome.
"Many thanks to Anna Portugalova for supporting this idea and responding to our request!
Anna suggested that we also watch the documentary "Eat an elephant". (This is a very cool movie! I really, really, really recommend it to everyone!!!)<..."7 volunteers and 4 employees of the Children's hospice opened their mouths and listened to Yulia Leontieva and Tatyana Nechaeva talk about the fantastic work of the Foundation and the Family Support Center", Olga Goffe shares her impressions.
At the end of the meeting, after discussing films about people with down syndrome - "Me too" and "Eat an elephant"- the participants admitted that they came to the conclusion that all people with down syndrome are different, and the same passions are boiling among them as among us.
The Downside Up Foundation is grateful to the film club "House with a lighthouse" for the invitation, and to the volunteers and employees of the children's hospice for their interest in people with down syndrome. We will be glad to see you again.