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A unique manual "Yoga for children with down syndrome" was released by the Downside Up Foundation and the “Love Syndrome” Foundation

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The manual "Yoga for children with down syndrome" is the only publication in Russian about special yoga. The author of the manual, Victoria Zankina, is the first certified yoga teacher for special children (Yoga for the Special Child®), a professional who has also been trained by the downside Up Foundation and studied all the features of children with down syndrome.
The manual is addressed to specialists, mentors and parents of children with down syndrome. The paper edition and electronic version of the book contain: brief information about the origins of special yoga, its tools, recommendations on how to build yoga classes with children with down syndrome. The book also contains illustrated descriptions of practices that are optimal for people with down syndrome.
Most children and adolescents with down syndrome are characterized by difficulties with concentration, features of the sensory system and rapid fatigue. Yoga helps people with down syndrome to feel their body, focus, work on attention and internally stabilize.
The Downside Up and Love Syndrome foundations thank all those involved in the release of the unique manual and say a big thank you to the athletes for good who helped raise funds for its publication. The publication of this book was made possible thanks to the athlete for the benefit of Olga Anikina from the city of Blagoveshchensk and all the athletes who helped her in this. They combined their passion for running with a desire to help children with down syndrome and raised the necessary amount for this publication. Special thanks to athletes for the benefit of Andrey Nagibin, Irina Khizhina, Anatoly Gubanov, Sergey Shnyrev, Andrey Ustyuzhanin for raising funds for the development of a methodological manual.