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New issue of the scientific and practical journal " Down Syndrome. XXI century " was published

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In the new issue of the journal, as before, you will find interesting and relevant materials on a wide range of scientific and practical problems that determine the quality of life of people with trisomy 21 in the 21st century.
Today, all the most advanced medical and biological research of Down syndrome and in healthcare takes place abroad. In the articles under the heading "Medicine and Genetics" you will get acquainted with materials about what in a few years may become routine gene therapy and reproduction – those areas of medicine that are most relevant for people with chromosomal abnormalities and their families and with which these people associate their expectations and hopes.
Medical practice is also concerned with the article presenting the results of joint work of parent organizations and professionals-a Protocol developed and adopted in 10 subjects of the Russian Federation for declaring a diagnosis at the birth of a child with chromosomal pathology (Down syndrome). The Downside Up Charitable Foundation took an active part in the creation and implementation of this document. We have high hopes for the publication of material about the Protocol. I would like to believe that the article will contribute to the further movement of this document in the Russian regions.
The problem of family life of orphans with Down syndrome, which is covered in the issue from different points of view, is of particular interest. We talk about scientific research on the psychological aspects of raising a child with Down syndrome in a foster family, discuss the experience of Ural foster families and put before readers and the Institute of foster Families themselves acute issues that have matured over several years of domestic practice of family life of disabled children.
In the article on labor education and training of students with impaired intelligence, the problem of their employment and employment is identified and dissected, a method for solving and the program of the discipline are proposed " Technologies. Profile work. Training of junior service personnel". We hope that the views and practical suggestions of the authors of the program and the corresponding UMK will find their followers and supporters among you, dear readers.
This issue of the journal could not ignore the current conversion of pedagogical practice into distance learning. We want to believe that all of us will no longer need it in full, but creative findings and reflection of the experience of online teaching, remote interaction with special students will definitely help specialists improve their work.
And many other interesting and useful materials can be found on the pages of the new issue.