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The Downside Up and Love Syndrome Foundations have developed a " Declaration of Ethical Principles for Providing Services to People with Mental Disabilities"

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Until now, a person with Down syndrome from birth and in adulthood, together with their parents, very often face an unethical attitude towards themselves, get into a situation of pressure, disrespect and depreciation. We - the Downside Up Foundation and the Love Syndrome Foundation-want to change this situation. Therefore, we have developed a "Declaration of Ethical Principles for providing Services to People with Mental Disabilities".
The "Declaration" is a set of ethical principles, norms and rules of communication, conditions for providing services to people with mental disabilities, including those with Down syndrome and their families. Put together, the principles and rules become more visible and understandable for everyone, and are designed to attract the attention of society as a whole and specialists whose work is somehow connected with helping people with Down syndrome – from teachers, educators, doctors, to employees of museums, banks, hotels.
The "declaration", as an official document, can be included in the charter of any organization and seriously affect the quality of attitude towards people with Down syndrome and other mental disabilities.
The Downside Up and Love Syndrome Foundations have created a pilot version of the Declaration, and we really want the final document to become the basis for the formation of high-quality services, respect for people with mental disabilities and their loved ones by specialists of all levels and all professions. Therefore, we are open to discussing it. It is important for us to learn the opinion and hear constructive suggestions on its content from both parent and professional communities, all those whose lives and work are connected with supporting people with mental disabilities. We will also be grateful to all concerned people for supporting our initiative.
You can get acquainted with the text of the "Declaration" here.
You can vote for the appearance of the "Declaration of Ethical Principles for Providing Services to People with Mental Disabilities" and make your suggestions here
Thank you for your support and participation in the development of the "Declaration"!
The project was implemented with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund.