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"Simple explanations and non-boring tasks”- a new series of media literacy manuals for people with Down syndrome

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The Downside Up Foundation has released a new series of teaching aids. They contain tasks and explanations that were used by specialists in the classes of the Downside Up Media Lab – an experimental creative platform for teenagers and young people with Down syndrome, where they learn to express thoughts correctly and clearly, ask questions, write messages, interviews, reports and scripts.
"We are learning to write texts. Simple explanations and non-boring tasks". The author of the manual-a leading "Media Lab”, a professional journalist-Nina Ivanova wrote it for those who are just discovering the possibilities of communication through social networks and messengers, who want to run their own blog on the Internet or just want to improve the culture of writing.
"We are learning to write a script. Simple explanations and non-boring tasks" is a methodological guide created by the teacher of the Downside Up Media Laboratory, documentary filmmaker Anastasia Kaleusheva. During the classes, the teenagers together with her wrote several scripts, according to which the team of the” Media Laboratory " as a result shot a series of short films.
The manual will help anyone who wants to write their first script to do so.
Both of these electronic publications will be useful for those who want to repeat the experience of the "Media Lab": they decide to organize such group classes or start studying individually. Benefits can be enjoyed by teenagers and adults with mental characteristics and normodipine students of middle or even elementary school. The information in the manuals is presented in a special adapted format, so that teenagers and adults with mental characteristics who can read, have the opportunity to understand it independently, with minimal support from teachers and parents.
Both publications are supplemented with presentations on each topic, which teachers can use in group classes.
* The manual was prepared with the support of Grants from the Mayor of Moscow for socially oriented NPO of the Committee of Public Relations and Youth Policy of the City of Moscow.