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The new issue of the Downside Up bulletin - "Take a Step" magazine-is available in the electronic library on our website. Our magazine is intended primarily for parents of children with Down syndrome, but it will also be useful for employees of kindergartens and schools attended by children with this genetic feature. The main advantage of the bulletin is that all the materials published in it are examined by recognized experts in the field of family-centered approach to the upbringing of children with Down syndrome. In the next issue, readers will find useful articles and interviews on medicine, pedagogy, psychology, creative development, as well as stories of mothers of children with Down syndrome and announcements of new book editions of the Downside Up Foundation. Traditionally, the issue opens with an introductory article by Tatiana Nechaeva, Director of the Downside Up Family Support Center. In it, she talks about the formats of support for families that have been mastered by the foundation's teachers and have become popular since the spring of this year – during the coronavirus pandemic, in conditions of forced social isolation. All parents of children with Down syndrome, without exception, will be useful to read the article published in the section "Doctor's Advice". In it, children's ophthalmologist Vadim Bondar makes a brief, but capacious and accessible to non-specialists review of eye diseases that are most common in people with an extra chromosome.
I would like to draw the attention of parents of children from 0 to three years old to the category "Teacher's view". How to choose the right toys for your child? What educational toys can you make with your own hands? These questions are answered by one of the most experienced teachers of Downside Up Polina Zhiyanova. A consultant on breastfeeding Tala Tratsevskaya gives advice on the introduction of complementary foods in the diet of the baby. A very relevant topic is raised in the article "Why do physical education with children?" Psychologist Olga Shalina explains the advantages of family physical education and sports under the guidance of a coach in an online format.
"School. A Cheat Sheet for Mom "- this is the name of the material in which mothers of children who have already graduated from the first or second grade share their experience with the parents of future first graders. We are talking about the passage of the psychological, medical and pedagogical commission, the choice of schools and educational programs, the daily routine and adaptation to school. Also you can read in the magazine: an interview with psychologist Alena Sinkevich about what problems the adoptive parents of a special child are likely to face, how to correctly prioritize and find the best ways to support the child; an article by Zoya Talitskaya, head of the Downside Up analytical group, based on the results of a sociological survey, about how parents imagine the future of their children with Down syndrome after 18 years; the text that we invite children to read: the fairy tale “How we fought boredom”.
It was composed by young people with Down Syndrome - members of the Downside Up Media Lab; the inspiring story of the dance duet "Fortuna" from Balashikha, near Moscow. Read, share your impressions on our social networks, send your stories to the editorial office of the magazine! Email us