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Downside Up's experience in involving beneficiaries in the fund's activities was included in the collection of cases of the project "Get involved!"

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Downside Up Foundation specialists took part in the project “Involving Beneficiaries in the Provision of Social Services: Exchange of Experience between NGOs and State Institutions” (“Get Involved!”) and shared their experience in working with beneficiaries.

“Get involved!” was organized by autonomous non-profit organisation "Evolution and Philanthropy" (with the support of the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Moscow City and with the strategic support of the Elena and Gennady Timchenko Charitable Foundation). The goal of the project is to increase the level of knowledge, competencies and motivation of specialists from NGOs and government agencies in the field of involving beneficiaries in the process of providing social services.

The project started in February last year. It included meetings, discussions, seminars held by experts from various NGOs, charitable foundations, resource centers. Experts shared their best practices, discussed ways to create a range of opportunities for beneficiaries for their active participation in supporting the mission and activities of organizations.

The speeches and materials of the project participants, analytical reports and analysis of international experience became a source for the collection “Involvement of beneficiaries in support of the mission and activities of organizations in the field of childhood. Practical experience".

This methodological guide is useful both for organizations that are just thinking about the practice of involving beneficiaries in different roles and formats, and for organizations that already have experience in this area.

The collection consists of several parts:
• Analysis of existing practices for involving beneficiaries: current international and Russian trends; principles, goals and results of engagement; the most promising formats of involvement in the experience of Russian organizations; existing barriers and risks.
• Recommendations for developing engagement practices. The guidelines will help organize the involvement of beneficiaries at all levels. They focus on how to operationalize the values and overall goals of engagement; how to prepare both beneficiaries and employees of the organization; how to make conscious and productive, ethical and safe involvement at each of the highlighted levels.
• The manual ends with a description of the cases of five non-profit organizations in the sphere of childhood that have significant experience in involving beneficiaries in their activities. Downside Up is one of them.

The manual is in free access online - you can read it here.