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Downside Up took part in the Congress "Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in Pediatrics: Tradition and Innovation"

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The IV National Interdisciplinary Congress with international participation "Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in Pediatrics: Traditions and Innovations", held in April, brought together specialists from different professional groups, healthcare leaders and the general parental community around the problems of child rehabilitation. The Congress was attended by 5500 participants. Specialists from all over Russia and their foreign colleagues discussed such topics as: rehabilitation of children affected by the hostilities, rehabilitation of the long-term consequences of coronavirus infection in children, the continuity of the work of child and adult rehabilitation services, telemedicine technologies in the service of children's rehabilitation, rehabilitation of children with hereditary and rare diseases, rehabilitation of children with mental disabilities and others. Tatiana Nechaeva, Director of the Downside Up Family Support Center, delivered a report “Active gymnastics. A modern approach to the motor development of a child with Down syndrome”. During her speech, the fund's specialist told her colleagues about promoting the motor development of a child with Down syndrome using the author's method of P. Lauteslacher, about the scientific and practical evidence of the use of active gymnastics and the involvement of a parent in the child's development process. All speeches and reports of the Congress participants are in the public domain until May 26, you can get acquainted with them here.