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“Gallery of Glasses” together with Downside Up and Syndrome of Love Foundations, held a charity event

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Children's optics salons "Gallery of Glasses" together with the Downside Up and Syndrome of Love foundations held a charity event, due to which children with Down syndrome received comfortable, beautiful, elastic and traumatic glasses for vision correction as a gift.

As part of the campaign, opticians carefully selected frames that would ideally suit an active and curious client.

It is very important for every child that the glasses not only provide optimal vision correction, but also be comfortable to fit, hypoallergenic and atraumatic, take into account the structural features of the child's face and be sure to like him!

Well-chosen glasses help our children not to be distracted from important matters at home and at school, to be more attentive, to study well and develop well. The Downside Up and Syndrome of Love Foundations, and also the parents of children with Down Syndrome, thank our Glasses Gallery friends for their support, for their active help and professional assistance.