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Among the objectives of the Resource Center - the accumulation and dissemination of knowledge about Down syndrome, methods of working with children with Down syndrome. In addition, it provides technical support to organizations providing psychological and educational and social assistance to families with children with Down syndrome from birth to age 8, and contributes to early intervention services in the field.

Resource Center DSU also provides information support and advisory methodological assistance to their colleagues from the state and public organizations engaged in rehabilitation of children with disabilities.

The main activities of the center:

Publishing and distributing free scientific and methodical literature, magazines and movies on psycho-social support and correctional and educational work with children with Down syndrome.

Exchanging experiences with civil society organizations working with children with disabilities and their families in Russia and abroad.

Organizing international conferences, round tables and seminars on prevention of child abandonment and comprehensive support for families with children with Down syndrome.

Conducting training for professionals based Early Intervention Centre for children with Down syndrome "Downside Up".

Conducting training of education professionals, health and social protection of the population, students of universities in Russia and the CIS countries on the following topics: "Features of motor development of children with Down syndrome", "Development of cognitive activity of children with Down syndrome preschool", "Development of communication skills and the speech of children with Down syndrome in preschool", "Group work with children with Down syndrome in the structure of psycho-pedagogical support families at the Early Intervention Centre", "Environmental approaches to helping a child with Down syndrome ","Enabling children with Down syndrome in the educational environment of integrative kindergarten", "Organization of work with parents in terms of integrative kindergarten" and other topics.

Moreover, DSU specialists provide certified workshops from the methodology of author Peter Lauteslagera, child physiotherapist from the Netherlands. After the seminar, participants receive a certificate.

For more information on seminars and internships please call Elena Golf tel: 8 (499) 367-10-00 or write requests via the contact form.

Elena Golf
Director, Center for Early Intervention "Downside Up".
Member of the advisory council of DSU.