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Dear guests of our site,

Thank you for visiting this page. Here we talk about the money which provides the lifeblood of our charity fund.

Your valuable donation helps to contribute to the following:

  • Our specialists’ profound knowledge and expertise;
  • Innovative training methods developed and practiced by our specialists;
  • A wonderful building - the cheerful and comfortable house where we teach and work;
  • Professional ties with colleagues abroad, and finally,
  • A large team of people who care, each team member doing his or her share of the common cause.

Every person or company which makes a donation ensures the continuous operation of children’s programs, and becomes part of the team. If it were not for these remarkable people, we would be unable to cope.
From the moment of its opening Downside Up has subsisted on the money which comes from grants from Russian and international organizations and governments, corporate sponsorship and private donors. We also host widely known fundraising events such as “Charity Sports” and other charity projects.

Please join us! Only by working together can we make the world a better place!

Where your money goes:

  • Initial advice for all the children joining Downside Up programs;
  • Information booklets for families;
  • Speech therapy sessions for children; consultations for speech therapists working in Moscow kindergartens;
  • Training programs and seminars for specialists responsible for the care of children with special needs;
  • Home visiting service for children with Down syndrome whereby families of children up to the age of two and a half years will receive regular visits in their homes from one of our specialists;
  • Weekly adaptation groups designed to foster children’s transition to kindergarten;
  • Weekly individual and group lessons for children at the Downside Up Early Intervention Centre, and a lot more.