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Downside Up today takes the lead in delivering early intervention psychological, pedagogical and social services to children with Down syndrome in Russia. Downside Up programmes make up for shortfalls in the public early intervention system as well as in social care and educational services for children with Down syndrome and their families in our country. Downside Up provides expertise to the corresponding state-run organizations in establishing early intervention services in the Russian Federation.
From the first days of its existence Downside Up has followed the best practices of leading scientists and practitioners, Russian and western charities. It has established fully professional services and a transparent system of management and governance. We are recognized by the professional community as well as the domestic and international population.
Mission of the Fund ​
Improving the quality of life for children with Down syndrome
Goals of the Fund ​ • To decrease social orphanhood levels among children with Down syndrome.
• To promote the development of state early intervention services for children with
Down syndrome.
• To promote social adaptation and integration of children with Down syndrome into
Russian society.
Assistance Principles • Specialists focus on the family, not only on the child.
• Parents receive support from the moment the child is born.
• All the programmes are provided free of charge.

Main Activity Areas

Early intervention centre for children
with Down syndrome under 7 and their families:
• home visits,
• social adaptation groups,
• individual learning sessionsconsultations,
• learning support groups,
• Get Ready for School groups,
• online (forum) consultations for parents,
• psychological support for parents,
• consultations for families from further-a-field
Resource centre:
• transfer to professionals and government officials in charge of Russian healthcare, education, and social protection sectors of the experience of creating a family-oriented model of early intervention and preschool development for children with Down syndrome,
• collection, processing, and distribution of information on domestic and international achievements related to Down syndrome format, align with bullet points.
Raising public awareness:
• regarding the nature of Down syndrome and the potential of individuals with Down syndrome in order to foster tolerance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome in society.

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