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Downside Up participated in the russian branding awards ceremony

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The traditional awards ceremony for the winners of the prize for “The Brand number 1 in Russia” and a pre New Year`s day gala concert took place at the State Kremlin Palace. Downside Up got a chance to participate in the event.

The award process was interchanged with the performances of the idols of Russian audience such as Larissa Dolina, Valeria, Lev Leshchenko, Lolita, Alexander Rosenbaum, Masha Rasputina, Valeriy Leontyev and others. The families enrolled into our programmes and friends of our fund were invited as well.

The winners told about social responsibility of their business and charity programmes they are involved in. One of the influential guests was Evelina Blyodans, a Downside Up honourary ambassador. She came to the stage together with her son Syoma who is a little recipient of our fund. She told about DSU work and offered the guests to support the little ones with Down syndrome with sending a text message to a short code 3443 containing letters DS and any sum of money to donate to the early intervention programmes. We want to thank the organisers of the Russian awards ceremony for the winners of the prize for the “Brand number 1 in Russia” for the brilliant opportunity and wonderful event.