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Downside Up turn 19!

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We’ve spent the past 19 years with you – our friends, supporters, and families. We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations and say thank you to you for being around and helping our little kids. A lot has changed and much has been achieved over the past years.

Early assistance programmes by Downside Up are being put in place and enhanced, helping every year to improve lives of thousands of children with Down syndrome and their families. Beginning this year (for the first time in the history of the Foundation), we are taking care of graduates as well. Children who were supported by our specialists in the early years, have come back to us as schoolchildren and teenagers. So we had to address new challenges – how to provide psychological assistance to children and their parents, open new self-fulfilment opportunities, and offer career guidance for boys and girls with Down syndrome.

Downside Up set up a drama group and organised a summer recreation programme. The Foundation supported the opening of sports clubs for people with Down syndrome all across Russia. The educational activities of Downside Up were officially licensed by the Moscow Education Department, so we can now share our experience more effectively.

Our education campaigns were especially impactful. They included, among many others, an exhibition in GUM (famous department store of Red Square), a high-profile campaign in the VKontakte social network aimed at calling Down syndrome by its right name, and a career guidance project for teenagers. The latter won a prize at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.

We will continue developing in all those areas. Our efforts will demonstrate that opportunities of children with Down syndrome can be limitless.