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Approximately 2,500 children with Down syndrome are born in Russia every year. On the average 85% of the parents abandon their babies because of an old-fashioned, and incorrect, view that these children are unable to develop. In Russia early intervention services for children with DS are on the inception stage. There is no Federal Bill on special education in Russia. Families raising children with Down syndrome suffer from a lack of educational and social support, but most of all they suffer from society’s negative attitudes.

Downside Up keeps all its services free of charge and operates exclusively due to grants, private donations and corporate sponsorship. Downside Up prides not only its unique teachers’ stuff, but also its Fundraising Department, which has shown rare excellence and creativity in providing Downside Up with necessary resources.

Downside Up's integral work helps in a number of ways:

Charity Sports
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Early Intervention Programs
A way we help
Educating Professionals
A way we help
Educating Families
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