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Maria Bystrova took part in the project "Russian Woman"

Maria Bystrova, an actress with an additional chromosome, took part in the project of the singer Manizhi "Russian Woman" @manizha_russianwoman

Eurovision participant Manizha launched an instagram project, offering to tell who a Russian woman is. The project is named the same as her song, with which she represented Russia at a well-known European competition.

Maria Bystrova formulated her definition as follows: "A Russian woman is the most beautiful and fearless, capable of achieving any set goals!"

Maria appeared in the final of Manizha's performance at Eurovision on the screen in the company of Nyuta Federmesser, Chulpan Khamatova, Katerina Gordeeva and many other Russian women who sang the song "Russian Woman".

“The largest country in the world cannot be homogeneous. We are all different in Russia. And this is the power if you accept and use these differences for the good” - writes the singer about the project on her Instagram page.