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Downside Up Media Lab film “Jokers and Jokes. Ku-ku, my boy ”- recognized as one of the best comedy films at the International Film Festival in St. Petersburg

Short film “Jokers and Jokes. Ku-ku, my boy ”, created by the participants of the Downside Up media laboratory, received the 3rd degree Laureate Diploma in the nomination “Best Comedy Movie”at the III International Cinema Kids Film Festival.
The festival's motto is "Children make movies for children!” - it involves films that children and teenagers create for their peers, trying themselves as screenwriters, actors, directors. This year, the festival jury evaluated about 450 children's works created in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Yoshkar-Ola, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Estonia and the United States.
The Downside Up media laboratory film is the second part of the “Jokers and Jokes” movie project. “Jokers and jokes. Ku-ku, my boy” is a humorous sketch in the silent movie genre about how schoolchildren can help each other out of a difficult situation with humor. Students of the media laboratory themselves invented and developed a script. The team of the media laboratory led by its presenters - Anastasia Kaleusheva and Nina Ivanova - helped them realize their plan and remove the plot invented by the guys with the authors of the script in the title role.
Anastasia Kaleusheva, leading Downside Up media Lab:
“I would like to note that the festival had a very competitive environment. This is not an inclusive festival, which is also important, the cinema made by our laboratory assistants competed with the very strong works of children and teen-agers from all over Russia and the world. And for us, teachers of the media laboratory, and for our children, such an assessment of activity - outside the framework - is doubly valuable and important. This diploma can only be obtained for a professional approach to working on a film, without any discounts. ”
The media laboratory team continues to work on the film project "Jokers and Jokes." In the nearest future a new short film "Jokers and jokes. Circus” is preparing to be released.

Read "Take a Step"

Dear friends!
The next issue of Downside Up’s magazine “Take a Step” is available for reading on our website.
The regular sections “Doctor's Tips”, “Teacher's Look”, “Psychologists about Children and Parents”, “Parent Tribune” and others are waiting for you. The current issue of the magazine differs from the previous ones – parents of special children were very actively involved: mothers of many children Anna Kryuchkova and Irina Plotnikova, adoptive mother Valentina Yakovleva, blogger and mother of the “sunny” Pasha Oksana Safaryan. And even an article in the section “Doctor’s Tips” was written by the mother of a boy with Down Syndrome - pediatrician Alexandra Shasheleva. Parents also sent photos to be published in the magazine and actively participated in the survey, which was described in an interview by the head of Downside Up Strategy Department Alexander Borovykh.
Other materials of the issue are aimed at practical support for parents.
So, in an interview with dietarian Natalia Taran, readers will find specific recommendations on how to draw up a diet for children with food allergies and overweight.
Speech therapist Esmir Kazimova, who has practice in Azerbaijan and Turkey, writes about the need for speech therapy work with children in their first year of life.
In an article, psychologist Ilya Muzyukin raises an important topic. He writes about what autostimulation is, how it affects the development of the child, and how parents should respond to autostimulating behavior.
Another psychologist working in Downside Up - Vera Stepanova - recommends an interesting book to readers, which will be interesting for all parents to read.
Two materials in this issue are devoted to the physical development of children with Down syndrome. One of them is about adaptive physical education classes organized in Moscow, and the other is about the section on adaptive karate from Naberezhnye Chelny.
The magazine also published useful articles about the first books for independent reading and about the American experience in teaching teenagers and adults with Down syndrome digital literacy.
Thanks to everyone who sends us letters, photos and reviews! We are always glad to cooperate with you!
We hope that the restrictive measures related to the spread of coronavirus infection and forcing us to switch to a remote format of work will soon be lifted. And then we can send out a printed version of the magazine to all its subscribers.
Do not be sick and be in touch!

Internship at Downside Up

Speech therapists of the Sverdlovsk regional public organization "Sunny Children" were trained at the Downside Up Fund. SRPO “Sunny children” helps people with mental disabilities from birth to adulthood to live full social life. Specialists from Yekaterinburg learned how classes and counseling were organized for children of different ages and discussed a number of organizational issues regarding the work of the Family Support Center.
During the internship, they took part in group classes for kids of social adaptation groups, got acquainted with the way consultations were held for children aged 0 to 3 years and attended classes of supportive learning groups and daytime employment groups. Specialists got an idea of how individual lessons on game interaction and consultations of a speech therapist and speech pathologist of the Downside Up Fund were held.
Irina Kushkova, speech therapist SRPO "Sunny children":
“We are very pleased with the results of the internship. We managed to observe the work of the fund’s professionals working with children of all age groups: from infants to adults.
Since 2010, an early-warning service has been working in our public organization, and in 2011 our specialists came for an internship in Downside Up. Even then, we got an idea of how properly build interactions with parents, and what approach the Downside Up Fund professionals use in their work. Today, more than 300 families receive our help. ”
Anastasia Kaygorodova, speech therapist SRPO "Sunny children":
“The public organization “Sunny Children” is developing, new specialists come to us and they want to work using correct and up-to-date methods, based on many years of experience and working methods of Downside Up specialists. The main goal of this internship was to learn about best practices. After the internship, we will make changes to individual, group classes of children with speech therapists. We will play more using everyday situations. We draw parents' particular attention to the importance of completing homework on topics covered in real, everyday life.
For many years, the Downside Up Fund has been helping our organization in resolving not only pedagogical issues, but also in raising funds for the organization and implementation of various projects.
Our organization strives to ensure that people with mental disabilities have the opportunity to receive services for their development freely in any city or village in the Sverdlovsk Region, can develop unhindered, to interact equally with all people and benefit society.”
Pole Elena, director of the educational center Downside Up:
“Periodically the Downside Up Fund provides internships for specialists from various organizations who work with families with children with Down syndrome. Despite the fact that these internships are, as a rule, short-term and allow us to cover only part of our practical activities, after such meetings we remain in touch and are ready to continue methodological interaction with colleagues. To do this, we use distance forms: we include colleagues in our database of specialists, send them newsletters, be sure to invite them to participate in our webinars, join broadcasts of lecture and seminars, and take advantage of the opportunities of an advisory forum.
And, of course, Downside Up passes to our guests sets of methodological publications for specialists and parents, which colleagues can use in their workplace.”
The development and dissemination of best practices is one of the main strategic directions of Downside Up. In 2015, the fund received a license from the Ministry of Education for educational activities.
Get information about the possibilities and conditions of the internship at the Downside Up Education Center you can here.

“The Golden Standard of the Annual Report”. Downside Up Fund received an award in the competition of annual public reports of the NPO “Point of Reference”

The starting point is the All-Russian competition of public annual reports of socially oriented non-profit organizations, which the Donors Forum holds in partnership with the Social Information Agency and “Blagosphere” Center and with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the Presidential Grants Fund.
E.A. Topoleva-Soldunova - Director of ASI, A. E. Borovykh - Head of Strategies Department, Downside Up, A.B. Boldyreva - Executive Director of the Forum of Donors
343 organizations from all over Russia have applied for participation this year. The Downside Up Fund's annual report received the highest rating from an expert jury. “The Gold Standard” is awarded to the annual reports of NPO, which provide unambiguous, understandable, and complete information about the organization’s activities.
Downside Up Fund Annual Report is an open document that can be read by any interested person
The Downside Up Fund's annual public report includes information on what the organization’s work is all about, key events held during the year and their results, success stories, as well as important news and changes in working with people with the syndrome Down, occurred over the year. All information on the activities of the fund over the past year in the report is conveniently structured and contains statistics, numbers, infographics and much more, which gives the most complete and understandable idea for the external observer about the organization’s work.

Three dozen specialists finished courses of advanced studies "Development of speech and thinking in children with Down syndrome"

Downside Up Fund gave a course of advanced studies. Thirty speech therapists, speech pathologists, educators, teachers and other specialists working with children with Down syndrome and other mental disorders, discussed the developmental features of a child with Down syndrome, learned to draw up a comprehensive development program using the "Child Development Diary", and received answers to questions regarding "Competency-based approach."
Also during this course specialists learned what games and toys can become assistants in development, how to form and develop primary mathematical representations and concepts in children with the help of the manual "Numicon "and got acquainted with the kinesiological technique “brain Gymnastics". This part of the course was held in an interactive format - students themselves tried to complete tasks and exercises that their students encountered in the classroom.
Thirty specialists, both beginners and those who already work with children with Down syndrome, attended the course in person. Some of them are representatives of the professional community from the regions: Smolensk, Elista, Obninsk, Moscow and Moscow Oblast. All of them received training certificates.
Three hundred thirty-two people registered at the Downside Up webinar to listen to seminars remotely. Online broadcasts were conducted from each lesson. We recall that you can get acquainted with all the topics of the continuing education course online. To do this, you need to register for the webinar you are interested in on the calendar.

Downside Up experts gave a training seminar “Social Performance Management for NGOs, supporting families with children with Down syndrome”

32 representatives from 17 regional parent organizations (NPO) took part in the seminar. During the training on planning and results management, Alexander Borovykh, Director of the Downside Up Strategy Department, told the participants about the place of the social results management plan in the overall strategy of the organization, about the development of indicators and indicators for measuring results. Zoya Talitskaya, Head of the analytical group of the Downside Up Strategy Department, introduced the participants to methods for getting feed-back from people with mental disabilities. Tatyana Nechayeva, Head of the Downside Up Family Support Center, told about the methods used in the Foundation for diagnosing children.
Representatives of regional NGOs had the opportunity to practice using new techniques and shared their experience and best practices on these issues.
Downside Up specialists and representatives of regional NGOs discussed the implementation of the Protocol of delivering the diagnosis of Down syndrome to parents of a newborn and congratulated representatives of two regions - the Republic of Udmurtia and the Krasnoyarsk Territory. In these regions, thanks to the efforts of NCO participating in the workshop, such Protocols were adopted just the day before.
At the end of the meeting, a discussion was held on ethics of providing services to people with Down syndrome and mental disabilities.

New issue of the scientific and practical magazine “Down Syndrome. XXI Century "published

Dear readers!
We are glad to present to you the next issue of the scientific and practical journal Down Syndrome. XXI Century". It is gratifying to note that in it the balance is clearly biased towards practical materials describing Russian and foreign methods, realities, approaches in the field of assistance and support for people with Down syndrome and their families. Moreover, this experience covers almost all age groups and categories of citizens with trisomy-21.
So, on the pages of the magazine, leading Downside Up experts talk about the project of remote expert support and training for parents of young children with Down syndrome and practitioners working with them that they have developed and implemented.
New fund project, a media laboratory, focused on helping special teen-agers and young people, their speech and emotional and personal development. There the guys study as an unusual profession for them as a journalist, improve their communication skills, master the methods of interviewing and comprehend themselves.
The problems faced by adults with Down syndrome and their families, are covered in the material that describes the various forms of accompanying accommodation performed in Finland, including criteria for evaluating such practices and examples of the best of them.
Interesting and useful to any reader, the material covers the problems of all ages, created on the basis of the speeches of the famous American geneticist and specialist in Down Syndrome B. Skotko, who summarized a variety of knowledge and practices related to the prevention of Alzheimer's disease.
In an interview with N. Yu. Ivanova with S. V. Beylezon, “The right to work: the opportunity to be busy and necessary” talks about the problem of employment of adults with intellectual disabilities and the experience of organizing socially useful daily labor employment using the example of the inclusive “Chest” workshops.
And also, Downside Up experts share their experience in long-term planning for the development of NCO, development of project activities and principles for evaluating the effectiveness of programs implemented by the organization. Measuring results and evaluating are the necessary conditions for the development of social agents, which make it possible to improve the lives of those whom they help.
Besides experience and practical approaches, we present to your attention scientific materials on medical and psychological problems, talk about current cultural events and the creative achievements of people with Down syndrome, and help you navigate the specialized literature and current events in this area.
The electronic version of the magazine can be found now by clicking on the link:
It is expected that a fresh issue from the printing house will be received soon and distribution to specialists will be organized.

A new training course "How to help a child learn and be successful" for professionals and parents has been released

A new training course "How to help your child learn and be successful" (course 9) is distributed in the distance learning system of the Downside Up educational center, developed by Zhiyanova Polina, based on the competency-based approach and skills and competency tables “I can do everything”.

From this course parents and specialists will learn: about the modern approach to the development of children, the formation of skills in everyday life, as well as what difficulties a child with Down syndrome has and what their reason is, how to create conditions for the full development of a child without tedious activities and numerous repetitions, how to help him communicate with others, play with peers, self-service himself.

The course is aimed at a wide range of participants, it can be recommended to everyone who cares about the socialization of the child. You can register in the distance learning system here

The seminar "Development of active speech of a child by global reading using the "Start talking" method for specialists was held at Downside Up Fund

On January 30, the Educational center of Downside Up Fund held a seminar "Development of active speech of a child by global reading using the "Start talking" method. Almost two dozen regional specialists: teachers, speech therapists, speech pathologists learned about the global reading method and how to use the "Start talking" manual to organize work with a child taking into account his age and level of development.

New knowledge students, under the guidance of a speech therapist of the Downside Up charitable Fund, also had the opportunity to work out in practice and do practical exercises using cards from the set. Now they can use the manual in their work with children who have a speech delay.
At the end of the seminar, each student received a certificate of participation.

Downside Up Fund trainers hold an Interactive seminar for specialists in working with “the Numikon” methodology

On January 23, the Educational Center of Downside Up held a seminar "Multisensory approach to teaching mathematics. Using the Numicon material and methodology in the process of forming mathematical representations in children “. The seminar was attended by more than two dozen experts from different regions of Russia: Moscow, Cherepovets, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod Region, Vologda, Yekaterinburg, Bryansk.
Teachers working with children who have difficulty learning mathematics learned how to use the Numikon manual to form and develop primary mathematical representations and concepts in children, namely: how to build number series, look for “neighbors” of numbers, compare numbers, distinguish even numbers from odd ones, study the composition of numbers, add and subtract numbers with a transition through a dozen within 100, perform multiplication and division.
The seminar was held in an interactive form. Under the guidance of trainers from Downside Up Charitable Fund who underwent special training in working with the Numikon manual at Oxford University Press, the students practiced the knowledge gained during the seminar. At the end of the seminar, each student received a certificate of participation. On January 30, a seminar will be held for specialists “Using the methodology “We Start Talking”.