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Charity Sports

Downside Up are very happy to be a part of the numerous charity sporting events across Russia. These events are integral in supporting our services, and promoting awareness about Down syndrome.

Our sport fundraising events include:

  • The annual CHARITY SPORTS Bike Ride
  • The annual CHARITY SPORTS Run
  • The annual CHARITY SPORTS Ski Multirace
  • The annual Deloitte» Extra Mile Multisport
  • Annual Indoor Football Tournament

And many, many more....

Early Intervention Programs

The centrepiece of Downside Up’s work is its Early Intervention Centre in Moscow, which provides support and advice for 3700 families from all over Russia raising children with Down syndrome. The Centre’s highly professional staff of special education teachers, speech therapists, psychologists, specialists in motor and cognitive development, and medical consultants work with children and parents to ensure that all aspects of a child’s development needs are met.

Educating Professionals

Specialists of the Centre work out their own innovative training methods and share their knowledge and expertise with colleagues. An important aspect of the Centre’s performance is its Resource Centre’s knowledge dissemination activity through training and consulting of professionals and senior officers involved in social and health care for children with special needs, and non-government organizations in Russia and CIS countries. Downside Up actively publishes and disseminates free of charge awareness-raising, scientific, and methodological literature about Down syndrome.

Educating Families

In Russia, where old prejudices and misconceptions about the nature of Down syndrome and potential of people with Down syndrome survive to this day, the families raising children with Down syndrome often encounter unfriendliness and lack of understanding. This is why another essential feature of Downside Up’s work is its awareness raising activities aimed at building a positive image of a person with Down syndrome in Russian society.