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“Let everyone show what they are proud of and find what they are looking for!” the start of the All-Russian Downside Up Festival “Different Faces”

Downside Up Foundation invites creative teams to take part in the annual all-Russian online festival “Different Faces”. The festival "Different Faces" is a celebration of creativity for groups from different cities of our country.

Traditionally, within the framework of the festival, Downside Up workshops: Theater, Animation Studio and Media Laboratory - demonstrate their final works and provide the same opportunity to their guests and colleagues.

Until June 10, the organizers of the festival accept video works of creative teams in one of three areas: theatrical creativity, cinema and media products and animation. One collective can present several works at the festival. Each job must meet the following requirements:

·         The work (play, film, social or educational video, TV story, cartoon) must be complete and suitable for showing to the audience in the age group 6+.

·         The artistic level of the work and its technical implementation must meet the requirements for a particular genre.

·         Subtitles of works submitted by Russian participants must be performed in Russian, and works from foreign participants must be provided with Russian-language subtitles.

·         Phonograms used in creative works must be checked for copyright compliance in order to smoothly post videos on social networks.

To participate, you must fill out a form by attaching links to your video works in mpg 4, AVI format.

The festival will be hosted by Eva Korsakova, a great friend of the Downside Up Foundation and a radio host of the morning show on Retro FM, an athlete for good.

The stage for the festival this time will be the social network VKontakte

From 14 to 19 June, the works of the finalists of the festival will be shown in the VKontakte community of the Downside Up Foundation. The whole country will be able to see your performances, films, videos, TV plots.

The final of the festival will take place on June 19 at 12 o'clock (Moscow time). An online meeting of representatives of creative teams, whose works were included in the festival screening, will be broadcasted live on the Downside Up VKontakte page.

The festival "Different Faces" is a platform where you will meet, interact and exchange ideas with like-minded people who have common interests and who want to find new points of contact.